ASG Project Management

About Us

ASG Project Management Ltd. is a company, specialized in preparation, assessment and monitoring of projects and business plans. The company’s experts in synergy with accounting and financial advisors develop business plans, intended to draw funding for its clients’ plans by banks, risk capital funds, business angels and private investors. The experience we have gained allows us to prepare successfully project applications for grants by the EU operational programs. Our highly profiled specialists have achieved high degree of success in operational programs such as “Competitiveness”, “Human Resources Development” and direct grants from the European Commission. When preparing the clients’ project applications, ASG Project Management’s experts rely not only on their experience and good practices, gained through the period, but also on the good understanding of the principles and the objectives for the current decade, set in the EU’s intelligent growth strategy “Europe 2020”, which provides a maximum of high chance for successful unremunerated realisation of their ideas. In addition, we also provide the possibility of assessment of already existing business plans and project applications as well as mandatory monitoring procedures during the implementation of the planned activities in order to guarantee the successful absorption of the grants /funding/.